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Board of Directors

The HCASC Board of Directors collectively has extensive experience in rescuing thousands of homeless and unwanted animals and securing the safest and best outcomes for them.  The board maintains a no-kill philosophy and believes each life is precious and deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. The board has expertise in rescuing cats, dogs, rabbits, pocket pets, horses, farm animals, and assisting in wildlife issues.

In order to achieve the goal of no-kill, the board conducts outreach to animal rescues, foster parents, animal trainers, experts in animal behavior, experts in shelter management, volunteers, and the community to build a support network for animals in need.

The board members also have experience in marketing strategies, fund raising, adoption events, community outreach, and TNR.

  • Nina Van Duyne, Co-Chair – President and Founder of the Hunterdon Animal Rescue Team (HART) for homeless dogs and cats, and participates in a network for homeless, abused, and abandoned farm animals. 

  • Jenna Meyer, Co-Chair – Expert in TNR, bottle feeding, feral cats, fostering, senior to senior cat adoption, winter sheltering. Serves as a volunteer and foster to local rescues.

  • Kim Kilmer, Secretary – President and Founder of Schultz Senior Dachshund Sanctuary. Focused on helping senior Dachshunds to safety.  Honored by The New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association with its Animal Welfare Award for 2012.  Assists with other breeds and cats on occasion, and devoted networkers for all animals in need.

  • Karen Augustynowicz, Website – President and Founder of Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue, Inc. Provides services to educate the public about proper care, unique qualities, and proper indoor housing of rabbits as indoor companion pets.  Rescues abandoned, stray, abused, and neglected domestic rabbits and finds permanent indoor homes with caring owners.

  • Rose Reina-Rosenbaum, Member – President of Coalition For Animals;  501(c) (3), community based non-profit organization with a mission for all people to “Evolve to Non Violence,” founded in 1994 confronting multiple issues involving animal abuse. Today CFA acts as a rescue and an umbrella organization for a number of grass-root groups for networking and sharing resources.  It promotes respect and protection for all sentient creatures, wild and domestic, local and global.  The subsidiary groups work together for the common goal that all animals have the right to live their lives free from physical and psychological pain.


  • Leah Jacobson, Member – President and Founder Gateway Regional Rescue that offers rescue, transport, and humane care for homeless animals. Partners with animal shelters and other animal rescues in an effort to increase the number of lives saved. Experts in TNR and feral cats.

  • Melodie Petrone, Member - Grass roots rescuer trapping hundreds of cats, vetting them, feeding colonies, fostering, and finding homes. Works with CAPIC, HART, LAW, Tabby’s Place, and many other rescue organizations.


  • Laura Kornak, Member – Volunteered for the Hunterdon Humane Animal Shelter for over 20 years. Currently a volunteer for Tabby's Place. Very involved with TNR programs and works with many rescues. Laura is a professional pet sitter and dogwalker.


  • Bonnie Wagner- Westbrook, Ed.D., Member – Missing Animal Responders/Pet Detective. Trained by K9 Pet Trackers/Missing Pet Partnership. Volunteers search tips and assistance to people who have lost their pets. President/Principal consultant for People Development Partners, LLC. Organization/Professional development expert, skilled in building partnerships with executive teams/SMEs for delivering high quality, value-adding development programs. Strong researcher/planner with experience preparing organizations for growth. Master teacher with emphasis on educational design/assessment and preparation of curricula for global leadership development.  Lead Searcher – NJ/PA, Senior Director of Research and Advocate Where is Jack?, Inc. whose mission is to ensure all animals are not treated as cargo or luggage while engaging in any aspect of commercial air travel. TNR expert. Volunteer at Tabby’s Place and CAPIC